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Summer Reading for Students entering Grade 3

Henry Barnard School Third Grade
Summer Reading List

for students entering Grade 3 in August 2019

Theme:  Mysteries

Summer reading is intended to strengthen developing reading skills and keep students’ good progress moving forward.  Mysteries are an exciting form of literature for young readers.  Collecting clues and evaluating them for relevance is fun as well as a great reading comprehension exercise.  Students entering third grade at Henry Barnard School are expected to read at least three titles from the following list of mystery series or other mystery books of your choice that are geared to children at this grade level.  They are arranged by difficulty, with the least difficult books first.

Nate the Great – Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Cam Jansen – David A. Adler
A-Z Mysteries – Ron Roy
Julian, Secret Agent (individual title) – Ann Cameron
Jigsaw Jones mystery – James Preller
Boxcar Children – Gertrude Chandler Warner
Meg Mackintosh – Lucinda Landon
Encyclopedia Brown – Donald Sobol
Hank the Cowdog – John R. Erickson
Sophie Simon Solves them All – Lisa Graff


Upon completing the reading, students will choose one project from the following list to go with one of the books they read.  The project should be brought in at the beginning of school.

Game: Create a board game that shows the major events of the story.  Make sure that all of the events of the story (good and bad) are shown in the game.

Map: Draw and color a map showing where the action took place in this mystery.  You might want to use your map to show how the crime was solved.  Label the important locations (scene of the crime, places important clues were found, etc.).

Clue Box:  Collect items (or pictures of items) that represent the clues the detective used to solve the crime.  Each one should be labeled.  The box should contain at least three items.

Wanted Poster:  Draw a picture of the prime suspect and write a description of the crimes he/she is wanted for.  Set a reward for capture, and tell how to go about turning the criminal in to the authorities.

Video:  Dress up as a main character in a mystery.  Tell who you are and important facts about your character.  Tell what clues you used to solve the mystery.

Above all else, the enjoyment of reading good books should be the goal.  Have Fun!!!