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HBS Library Home: 2018 Summer Reading

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Hover your cursor over the Summer Reading tab above, then click on Summer Reading for the grade your child will be entering in August in order to view the Summer Reading lists and projects.


Dear Parents and Caregivers, 


Henry Barnard School has a required Summer Reading program for students entering grades 2 through 5.  Summer reading is an essential component of the reading process, which reinforces developing skills.  Our program is designed not only to support and maintain the reading progress your child has made during this academic year, but also to introduce them to topics relevant to the next year’s study.  Most importantly, the reading program is meant to be enjoyable. The attached material explains our program and lists books and projects that the students are expected to complete. Please note: students will read three books and complete one project.


There are several other reading programs in which your child may wish to participate if they wish to do more reading than the required Summer Reading. I've included some suggestions below for your convenience. 

Rhode Island Children's Book Award Nominees
For students in grades 3-5, the Rhode Island Children's Book Award (RICBA) program nominates 20 titles each spring. HBS students in grades 3 - 5 must read a minimum of 3 titles by March, in order to be eligible to vote for the RICBA winner. Additionally, students in grade 4 are asked to read 8 of the RICBA books by February in order to prepare for participation in the 4th Grade Rooster Games, a competition among HBS 4th graders based on information gleaned from the RICBA books. Students in Grade 5 are asked to read 10 of the RICBA books by February in order to prepare for participation in the Rooster Games, a 5th grade competition with Moses Brown school based on information gleaned from the RICBA books.

4th graders have one RICBA title included in their Summer Reading list, and 5th graders are required to select their three summer reading books from the RICBA nominated titles (for more details, see Summer Reading information above). Please use this link to the RICBA 2019 annnotated bookmark to view the list of the titles. All of these books are available at Rhode Island public libraries. 


The Providence Community Libraries offer summer reading for various ages. Visit a local branch or follow the link below for more information. I have just spoken with the librarian there, and was told that the Summer Reading webpage will be up in about a week, so I am providing a link to their website which you can search for the Summer section in about a week.


The State of Rhode Island, Office of Library and Information Services also offers a summer reading program at public libraries across Rhode Island. They also provide performances for children throughout the summer. For more information, follow the link below:

The attached HBS Summer Reading assignments are also available on the HBS Library website.

Happy Reading! 
Holly Nagib, HBS Librarian