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Magazines "in the Middle"

Not all magazines are created equal - some intellectually sophisticated publications interpret complex subjects, often from academic journal articles, for a general, educated readership. If you're not a specialist, try starting with these.
Subjects: First Year Seminar, First Year Writing, Honors Program, News Tags: analytical, intellectual, long-form news, magazine, periodical, substantial, topical

Subject Guide

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Patricia Brennan
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Starting with the magazine Psychology Today on the "Magazines in the Middle" tab of this guide, the four citations in the result list below were obtained with this very simple search strategy:

  • (Journal Name) SO= "Psychology Today" [generated automatically using the center column link]
  • keywords grouped together using OR = laughter or joke or comedy or comedian or humor or humorist or wit

Reading these results closely, first the actual Subjects assigned to them as main ideas or concepts and then other words in the titles, abstracts, or other parts of the record (note red underlines), allows you to change and improve your search strategy.  Keywords gleaned from the article abstracts [political humor, satire, prank] could be added as a third concept to improve the original search strategy.

Use the Subject Terms feature in Academic Search Complete as an additional strategy to collect improved search terminology.


Database Search Screenshot