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Desktop Computer Reservations

Book a Desktop Computer

Step 1: Monday thru Friday: before you come in: visit and reserve a 45 minute computer or 2.75 hour computer.
Saturday and Sunday: come in and ask for a computer login code at the Borrowing Services or Reference Services Desk.

Step 2: After booking a computer, you will receive a system-generated confirmation email.  Within an hour, you will receive a second email from with a computer login code.  If you don't receive a second email, you can ask for your computer login code at the Borrowing Services or Reference Desk when you come in.

Step 3: Here is a floor map of where the computers are located.

Step 4: When you sit down at your computer, you will see a login screen.  Select the login that begins with ALPD.  The password is: library. 

Step 5: After you login, enter in your computer code.

Step 6: 10 mins before you session ends, you will receive a warning message.  If you need more time, please have your ALPD Computer # ready and go to the Reference or Borrowing Services Desk to ask for another code.

Always save your work!  The computer will wipe everything when your session ends.

For questions, please contact