Cover ArtA Better World, Inc by Alice Korngold

Call Number: HD60 .K66 2023
ISBN: 9783031315527
Publication Date: 2023-07-12
The first edition of A Better World, Inc. showed how companies can profit by solving global problems. Increasingly, companies and investors are capitalizing on these opportunities. The three factors necessary for success were revealed to be effective corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, and collaboration. Racial equity and justice, and gender equity, were also themes in the original edition. By drawing on new research and case studies, this updated edition shows that inclusion and sustainability are in fact fundamental prerequisites for prosperity for companies and society.  Specifically, racial inequity and injustice, and gender inequity, are systemic problems that impede businesses from achieving their greater potential in the global marketplace; in the meantime, society suffers as well. The second edition of A Better World, Inc. builds on the first by showing that companies have the power and incentives - and their boards of directors have the responsibility and the authority - to drive solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. Readers will learn how companies and their boards, together with nonprofits and governments, can drive prosperity by centering equity and sustainability. This edition is organized to address environmental, social, and governance practices, which are priority interests for investors, media, the public, government, and others to assess company practices and profitability.      



Cover ArtRisk Management in the Behavioral Health Professions by Frederic G. Reamer

Call Number: SP COLL HD61 .R38 2023 FacPubn & Ebook 
ISBN: 9780231208307
Publication Date: 2023-05-23
Risk Management in the Behavioral Health Professions is a comprehensive handbook for mental health and social service providers on prevention of malpractice lawsuits and licensing-board complaints. Frederic G. Reamer draws on his extensive firsthand experience as an expert witness in litigation and licensing-board cases throughout the United States to give readers an insider's view of practical risk-management strategies. He provides in-depth discussion of common risk areas and steps practitioners can take to protect clients and themselves. Key topics include confidentiality and privileged communication; service delivery, including informed consent, assessment, boundary issues, suicide risk management, and use of technology; impaired practitioners; supervision and consultation; documentation; deception and fraud; and interruption and termination of services. Reamer offers pragmatic advice about how to respond to a lawsuit or licensing-board complaint. He emphasizes the challenges and risks related to remote service provision, especially during public health crises and pandemics. The book includes sample risk-management forms and templates as well as extensive case examples that illustrate fundamental risk-management concepts. Designed for behavioral health professionals including social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, and substance use disorder treatment counselors, this book is an indispensable resource on how to navigate challenging ethics and risk-management issues.



Cover ArtThe Routledge Handbook of Classics and Queer Theory by Ella Haselswerdt (Editor); Sara H. Lindheim (Editor); Kirk Ormand (Editor)

Call Number: Ebook
ISBN: 9781032026794
Publication Date: 2023-09-29
Convening an international group of experts working on the classical world and queer theory scholars, this interdisciplinary volume offers a range of perspectives on the intersection between these two areas, an invaluable collection to scholars working on queer theory and the history of gender and sexuality.



Cover ArtThe Transgender Child by Stephanie Brill; Rachel Pepper

Call Number: Ebook
ISBN: 9781627785372
Publication Date: 2022-06-14
Ever since its initial publication in 2008, The Transgender Child has been lauded as the most trusted source of information for families wanting to understand and affirm their transgender, gender-expansive, or nonbinary child. Utilized around the world and translated into multiple languages, The Transgender Child has won accolades from medical and mental health professionals, teachers, and, most especially, from parents. Authors Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper have now thoroughly revised and updated their ground-breaking classic with expanded coverage of gender development, affirming parenting practices, mental health and wellness, medical decision making, legal advocacy, and how best to ensure school success, from preschool through the high school years. Drawing upon their extensive joint expertise as pioneers in the field of gender affirming care, and enriched with the wisdom of parents who've already walked this path, as well as the voices of multiple professional experts, Brill and Pepper once again provide a compassionate and educational guide for anyone who cares about, or works with, a child who falls outside expected gender norms.

Cover ArtCabo Verdean Women Writing Remembrance, Resistance, and Revolution by Terza Silva Lima-Neves (Editor, Contribution by); Aminah N. Pilgrim (Editor, Contribution by); Elizabete Andrade (Contribution by); Stephanie Andrade (Contribution by); Shauna Barbosa (Contribution by); Aleida Mendes Borges (Contribution by); Iva Brito (Contribution by); Edna DaCosta (Contribution by); Vera Duarte (Contribution by); Jess Évora (Contribution by); Roselma Évora (Contribution by); Clementina Baptista de Jesus Furtado (Contribution by); Gina Sánchez Gibau (Contribution by); Rosilda Alves Depina James (Contribution by); Anna Lima (Contribution by); Callie Watkins Liu (Contribution by); Ivette Centeio Monteiro (Contribution by); Ayana Pilgrim-Brown (Contribution by); Idalina Pina (Contribution by); Aldegundes Tolentino Tavares (Contribution by); Dawna Marie Thomas (Contribution by); Candida Rose (Contribution by)

Call Number: SP COLL HQ1819.6 .C33 2021 C.V.
ISBN: 9781793634894
Publication Date: 2021-05-11
Cabo Verdean Women Writing Remembrance, Resistance, and Revolution: Kriolas Poderozas documents the work and stories told by Cabo Verdean women to refocus the narratives about Cabo Verde on Cabo Verdean women and their experiences. The contributors examine their own experiences, the history of Cabo Verde, and Cabo Verdean diaspora to highlight the commonalities that exist among all women of African descent, such as sexual and domestic violence and media objectification, as well as the different meanings these commonalities can hold in local contexts. Through exploring the literary and musical contributions of Cabo Verdean women, the Cabo Verdean state and its transnational relations, food and cooking traditions, migration and diaspora, and the oral histories of Cabo Verde, the contributors analyze themes of community, race, sexuality, migration, gender, and tradition.



Cover ArtCurating Capitalism by Pierre Guillet De Monthoux

Call Number: N72.B87 G85 2022
ISBN: 9783956795770
Publication Date: 2079-01-02
How art impacts management, drawing from stories told by internationally known contemporary curators, artists, critics, and philosophers.   Curating has evolved into much more than creating interesting exhibitions, promoting artists, and selling artwork. Art worlds have fused with business worlds and transformed capitalism from the inside out. To "curate capitalism" implies new ways of management that go far beyond the simple commercialization of art and artist. Today, art and the artist inspire business. While some of Curating Capitalism can be traced back to the German Artist Joseph Beuys' declaration that Art=Capital and American Andy Warhol's vision of a capitalistic "Business Art," it takes the insights of independent curators to upscale and intellectually articulate these ideas.  



Cover ArtA Movement in Every Direction by Jessica Bell Brown (Editor); Ryan N. Dennis (Editor); Kiese Laymon (Contribution by); Jessica Lynne (Contribution by); Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts (Contribution by); Willie J. Wright (Contribution by)

Call Number: N6538.B53 M68 2022
ISBN: 9780300265736
Publication Date: 2022-10-25
Contemporary artists and writers reflect on the Great Migration and the ways that it continues to inform the Black experience in America The Great Migration (1915-70) saw more than six million African Americans leave the South for destinations across the United States. This incredible dispersal of people across the country transformed nearly every aspect of Black life and culture. Offering a new perspective on this historical phenomenon, this incisive volume presents immersive photography of newly commissioned works of art by Akea, Mark Bradford, Zoë Charlton, Larry W. Cook, Torkwase Dyson, Theaster Gates Jr., Allison Janae Hamilton, Leslie Hewitt, Steffani Jemison, Robert Pruitt, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, and Carrie Mae Weems. The artists investigate their connections to the Deep South through familial stories of perseverance, self-determination, and self-reliance and consider how this history informs their working practices. Essays by Kiese Laymon, Jessica Lynne, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, and Willie Jamaal Wright explore how the Great Migration continues to reverberate today in the public and private spheres and examine migration as both a historical and a political consequence, as well as a possibility for reclaiming agency. 


Cover ArtSculpture at the Ends of Slavery by Caitlin Meehye Beach

Call Number: N8243.S576 B43 2022
ISBN: 9780520343269
Publication Date: 2022-11-15
From abolitionist medallions to statues of bondspeople bearing broken chains, sculpture gave visual and material form to narratives about the end of slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sculpture at the Ends of Slavery sheds light on the complex--and at times contradictory--place of such works as they moved through a world contoured both by the devastating economy of enslavement and by international abolitionist campaigns. By examining matters of making, circulation, display, and reception, Caitlin Meehye Beach argues that sculpture stood as a highly visible but deeply unstable site from which to interrogate the politics of slavery. With focus on works by Josiah Wedgwood, Hiram Powers, Edmonia Lewis, John Bell, and Francesco Pezzicar, Beach uncovers both the radical possibilities and the conflicting limitations of art in the pursuit of justice in racial capitalism's wake.


Cover ArtTrash Talk by Patricia A. Turner

Call Number: P96.R862 U6 2022
ISBN: 9780520389236
Publication Date: 2022-09-06
What racist rumors about Barack Obama tell us about the intractability of racism in American politics. Barack Obama and his family have been the objects of rumors, legends, and conspiracy theories unprecedented in US politics. Outbreaks of anti-Obama lore have occurred in every national election cycle since 2004 and continue to the present day--two elections after his presidency ended. In Trash Talk, folklorist Patricia A. Turner examines how these thought patterns have grown ever more vitriolic and persistent and what this means for American political culture. Through the lens of attacks on Obama, Trash Talk explores how racist tropes circulate and gain currency. As internet communications expand in reach, rumors and conspiracy theories have become powerful political tools, and new types of lore like the hoax and fake news have taken root. The mainstream press and political establishment dismissed anti-Obama mythology for years, registering concern only when it became difficult to deny how much power those who circulated it could command. Trash Talk demonstrates that the ascendancy of Barack Obama was never a signal of a post racial America.



Cover ArtInventing the Alphabet by Johanna Drucker

Call Number: P96.R862 U6 2022
ISBN: 9780226815817
Publication Date: 2022-07-26
The first comprehensive intellectual history of alphabet studies. Inventing the Alphabet provides the first account of two-and-a-half millennia of scholarship on the alphabet. Drawing on decades of research, Johanna Drucker dives into sometimes obscure and esoteric references, dispelling myths and identifying a pantheon of little-known scholars who contributed to our modern understandings of the alphabet, one of the most important inventions in human history. Beginning with Biblical tales and accounts from antiquity, Drucker traces the transmission of ancient Greek thinking about the alphabet's origin and debates about how Moses learned to read. The book moves through the centuries, finishing with contemporary concepts of the letters in alpha-numeric code used for global communication systems. Along the way, we learn about magical and angelic alphabets, antique inscriptions on coins and artifacts, and the comparative tables of scripts that continue through the development of modern fields of archaeology and paleography. This is the first book to chronicle the story of the intellectual history through which the alphabet has been "invented" as an object of scholarship.  



Cover ArtTranslating Myself and Others by Jhumpa Lahiri

Call Number: P306.92.L34 A3 2022
ISBN: 9780691231167
Publication Date: 2022-05-17
Luminous essays on translation and self-translation by an award-winning writer and literary translator Translating Myself and Others is a collection of candid and disarmingly personal essays by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri, who reflects on her emerging identity as a translator as well as a writer in two languages. With subtlety and emotional immediacy, Lahiri draws on Ovid's myth of Echo and Narcissus to explore the distinction between writing and translating, and provides a close reading of passages from Aristotle's Poetics to talk more broadly about writing, desire, and freedom. She traces the theme of translation in Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks and takes up the question of Italo Calvino's popularity as a translated author. Lahiri considers the unique challenge of translating her own work from Italian to English, the question "Why Italian?," and the singular pleasures of translating contemporary and ancient writers. Featuring essays originally written in Italian and published in English for the first time, as well as essays written in English, Translating Myself and Others brings together Lahiri's most lyrical and eloquently observed meditations on the translator's art as a sublime act of both linguistic and personal metamorphosis.



Cover ArtAsbestos - the Last Modernist Object by Arthur Rose

Call Number: PN56.T37 R68 2022 & Ebook
ISBN: 9781474482424
Publication Date: 2022-07-15
Few modern materials have been as central to histories of environmental toxicity, medical ignorance, and legal liability as asbestos. A naturally occurring mineral fibre once hailed for its ability to guard against fire, asbestos is now best known for the horrific illnesses it causes. This book offers a new take on the established history of asbestos from a literary critical perspective, showing how literature and film during and after modernism responded first to the material's proliferation through the built environment, and then to its catastrophic effects on human health. Starting from the surprising encounters writers have had with asbestos--Franz Kafka's part ownership of an asbestos factory, Primo Levi's work in an asbestos mine, and James Kelman's early life as an asbestos factory worker--the book looks to literature to rethink received truths in historical, legal and medical scholarship. In doing so, it models an interdisciplinary approach for tracking material intersections between modernism and the environmental and health humanities. Asbestos - The Last Modernist Object offers readers a compelling new method for using cultural objects when thinking about how to live with the legacies of toxic materials.



Cover ArtOn Living with Television by Amy Holdsworth

Call Number: PN1992.6 .H585 2021
ISBN: 9781478013839
Publication Date: 2021-12-17
In On Living with Television, Amy Holdsworth examines the characteristics of intimacy, familiarity, repetition, and duration that have come to exemplify the medium of television. Drawing on feminist television studies, queer theory, and disability studies as well as autobiographical life-writing practices, Holdsworth shows how television shapes everyday activities, from eating and sleeping to driving and homemaking. Recounting her own life with television, she offers a sense of the joys and pleasures Disney videos brought to her disabled sister, traces how bedtime television becomes part of a daily routine between child and caregiver, explores her own relationship to binge-eating and binge-viewing, and considers the idea of home through the BBC family drama Last Tango in Halifax. By foregrounding the ways in which television structures our relationships, daily routines, and sense of time, Holdsworth demonstrates how television emerges as a potent vehicle for writing about life.


Cover ArtNew Philosophies of Film by Robert Sinnerbrink

Call Number: PN1995 .S514 2022
ISBN: 9781350181939
Publication Date: 2022-08-25
What can philosophy teach us about cinema? Can cinema transform how we understand philosophy? How should we describe the competing approaches to philosophizing on film? New Philosophies of Film answers these questions by offering a lucid introduction to the exciting developments and contentious debates within the philosophy of film. Mapping out the conceptual terrain, it examines both analytic and continental approaches to cinema and puts forward a pluralist film philosophy, grounded in practical examples from film, documentaries and television series. Now thoroughly updated to showcase the most recent developments in the field, this 2nd edition features: · New chapters on phenomenology, cinematic ethics, philosophical documentary film and television as philosophy, incorporating feminist, socio-political, ethical and ecological approaches to cinema · Contemporary case studies including Carol, Roma, Melancholia, two Derrida documentaries, and the Netflix series Black Mirror · Expanded coverage of Gilles Deleuze and Stanley Cavell, two of the most influential philosophers of film · An updated bibliography, filmography and reading lists, with links to online resources to support further study Demonstrating how the film-philosophy encounter can open up new paths for thinking, New Philosophies of Film is an essential resource for putting interdisciplinary inquiry into practice.



Cover ArtOn Site by Stephan Koplowitz

Call Number: PN2219.O8 K66 2022
ISBN: 9780197515242
Publication Date: 2022-04-22
On Site: Methods for Site-Specific Performance Creation is a practical book for artists and students at all levels who create or are learning to create making sited dance works. Author Stephan Koplowitz covers specific, hands-on strategies for an array of issues to consider before, during, and after embarking upon a project, including site selection, procuring permits, designing the audience experience, researching and exploring a site for inspiration and content, differences in urban and natural environments, definitions of key production roles, building effective collaborations with artists, and techniques to generate site-inspired production elements such as sound/music, costumes, lighting, and media. He also offers helpful chapters on project budgeting, contract negotiation, fundraising, marketing, documentation, and assessment. Based on the author's career spanning over 30 years of site-specific creation, the book also includes the voices of over 24 other artists, producers, and writers who share their perspectives and experiences on the many topics covered. A guide designed to make site work practical, intentional, and attainable, On Site will become a well-worn reference for anyone interested in the creative process and discovering the power of site-specific works.


Cover ArtPoor Naked Wretches by Stephen Unwin

Call Number: PR3069.W67 U69 2022 & Ebook
ISBN: 9781789146615
Publication Date: 2022-09-26
Disputing the notion that William Shakespeare scorned the rabble, an illuminating look at the complex working people of his plays.   Was Shakespeare a snob? Poor Naked Wretches challenges the idea that one of the greatest writers of the English language despised working people, showing that he portrayed them with as much insight, compassion, and purpose as the rich and powerful. Moreover, working people play an important role in his dramatic method. Stephen Unwin reads Shakespeare anew, exploring the astonishing variety of working people in his plays, as well as the vast range of cultural sources from which they were drawn. Unwin argues that the robust realism of these characters, their independence of mind, and their engagement in the great issues of the day, make them much more than mere comic relief. Compassionate, cogent, and wry, Poor Naked Wretches grants these often-overlooked figures the dignity and respect they deserve.



Cover ArtOutside Literary Studies by Andy Hines

Call Number: PS78 .H56 2022
ISBN: 9780226818566
Publication Date: 2022-06-10
A timely reconsideration of the history of the profession, Outside Literary Studies investigates how midcentury Black writers built a critical practice tuned to the struggle against racism and colonialism.   This striking contribution to Black literary studies examines the practices of Black writers in the mid-twentieth century to revise our understanding of the institutionalization of literary studies in America. Andy Hines uncovers a vibrant history of interpretive resistance to university-based New Criticism by Black writers of the American left. These include well-known figures such as Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry as well as still underappreciated writers like Melvin B. Tolson and Doxey Wilkerson. In their critical practice, these and other Black writers levied their critique from "outside" venues: behind the closed doors of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, in the classroom at a communist labor school under FBI surveillance, and in a host of journals. From these vantages, Black writers not only called out the racist assumptions of the New Criticism, but also defined Black literary and interpretive practices to support communist and other radical world-making efforts in the mid-twentieth century. Hines's book thus offers a number of urgent contributions to literary studies: it spotlights a canon of Black literary texts that belong to an important era of anti-racist struggle, and it fills in the pre-history of the rise of Black studies and of ongoing Black dissent against the neoliberal university.



Cover ArtCulture and Language at Crossed Purposes by Jerome McGann

Call Number: PS195.T74 M34 2022
ISBN: 9780226818450
Publication Date: 2022-08-16
Culture and Language at Crossed Purposes unpacks the interpretive problems of colonial treaty-making and uses them to illuminate canonical works from the period. Classic American literature, Jerome McGann argues, is haunted by the betrayal of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Indian treaties--"a stunned memory preserved in the negative spaces of the treaty records." A noted scholar of the "textual conditions" of literature, McGann investigates canonical works from the colonial period, including the Arbella sermon and key writings of William Bradford, John Winthrop, Anne Bradstreet, Cotton Mather's Magnalia, Benjamin Franklin's celebrated treaty folios and Autobiography, and Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia. These are highly practical, purpose-driven works--the record of Enlightenment dreams put to the severe test of dangerous conditions. McGann suggests that the treaty-makers never doubted the unsettled character of what they were prosecuting, and a similar conflicted ethos pervades these works. Like the treaty records, they deliberately test themselves against stringent measures of truth and accomplishment and show a distinctive consciousness of their limits and failures. McGann's book is ultimately a reminder of the public importance of truth and memory--the vocational commitments of humanist scholars and educators.  



Cover ArtReading Confederate Monuments by Maria Seger (Editor); Joanna Davis-McElligatt (Afterword by)

Call Number: PS228.R32 R43 2022
ISBN: 9781496841636
Publication Date: 2022-08-24
Contributions by Danielle Christmas, Joanna Davis-McElligatt, Garrett Bridger Gilmore, Spencer R. Herrera, Cassandra Jackson, Stacie McCormick, Maria Seger, Randi Lynn Tanglen, Brook Thomas, Michael C. Weisenburg, and Lisa Woolfork Reading Confederate Monuments addresses the urgent and vital need for scholars, educators, and the general public to be able to read and interpret the literal and cultural Confederate monuments pervading life in the contemporary United States. The literary and cultural studies scholars featured in this collection engage many different archives and methods, demonstrating how to read literal Confederate monuments as texts and in the context of the assortment of literatures that produced and celebrated them. They further explore how to read the literary texts advancing and contesting Confederate ideology in the US cultural imaginary-then and now-as monuments in and of themselves. On top of that, the essays published here lay bare the cultural and pedagogical work of Confederate monuments and counter-monuments-divulging how and what they teach their readers as communal and yet contested narratives-thereby showing why the persistence of Confederate monuments matters greatly to local and national notions of racial justice and belonging. In doing so, this collection illustrates what critics of US literature and culture can offer to ongoing scholarly and public discussions about Confederate monuments and memory. Even as we remove, relocate, and recontextualize the physical symbols of the Confederacy dotting the US landscape, the complicated histories, cultural products, and pedagogies of Confederate ideology remain embedded in the national consciousness. To disrupt and potentially dismantle these enduring narratives alongside the statues themselves, we must be able to recognize, analyze, and resist them in US life. The pieces in this collection position us to think deeply about how and why we should continue that work.



Cover ArtNew World Maker by Ryan James Kernan; Robin D. G. Kelley (Foreword by)

Call Number: Ebook
ISBN: 9780810144439
Publication Date: 2022-07-15
In an ambitious reappraisal of Langston Hughes's work and legacy, Ryan James Kernan reads Hughes's political poetry in the context of his practice of translation to reveal an important meditation on diaspora. Drawing on heretofore unearthed archival evidence, Kernan shows how Hughes mined his engagements with the poetics of Louis Aragon, Nicolás Guillén, Regino Pedroso, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Federico García Lorca, and Léopold Sédar Senghor, as well as translations of his own poetry, to fashion a radical poetics that engaged Black left internationalist concerns. As he follows Hughes from Harlem to Havana, Moscow, Madrid, and finally to Dakar, Kernan reveals how the writer's identity and aesthetic were translated within these leftist geographies and metropoles, by others but also collaboratively. As Kernan argues, we cannot know Hughes without knowing him in translation.   Through original research and close readings alert to the foreign prosody underlying Hughes's work, New World Maker recuperates his political writing, which had been widely maligned by Cold War detractors and adherents of New Criticism, and affirms his place as a progenitor of African diasporic literature and within the pantheon of US modernists. Demonstrating the integral part translation played in Hughes's creative process, this book challenges a number of common assumptions about this canonical thinker and offers important insights for scholars of African diasporic literature, comparative literature, and American, Caribbean, and translation studies.


Cover ArtIf It's Smart, It's Vulnerable by Mikko Hypponen

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 M588 2022
ISBN: 9781119895183
Publication Date: 2022-08-02
All our devices and gadgets―from our refrigerators to our home security systems, vacuum cleaners, and stereos―are going online, just like our computers did. But once we’ve successfully connected our devices to the internet, do we have any hope of keeping them, and ourselves, safe from the dangers that lurk beneath the digital waters? In If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable, veteran cybersecurity professional Mikko Hypponen delivers an eye-opening exploration of the best―and worst―things the internet has given us. From instant connectivity between any two points on the globe to organized ransomware gangs, the net truly has been a mixed blessing. In this book, the author explores the transformative potential of the future of the internet, as well as those things that threaten its continued existence: government surveillance, censorship, organized crime, and more.


Cover ArtDr. Nurse by Dominique A. Tobbell

Call Number: RT4 .T63 2022
ISBN: 9780226822884
Publication Date: 2023-01-10
An analysis of the efforts of American nurses to establish nursing as an academic discipline and nurses as valued researchers in the decades after World War II. Nurses represent the largest segment of the U.S. health care workforce and spend significantly more time with patients than any other member of the health care team. Dr. Nurse probes their history to examine major changes that have taken place in American health care in the second half of the twentieth century. The book reveals how federal and state health and higher education policies shaped education within health professions after World War II. Starting in the 1950s, academic nurses sought to construct a science of nursing--distinct from that of the related biomedical or behavioral sciences--that would provide the basis for nursing practice. Their efforts transformed nursing's labor into a valuable site of knowledge production and proved how the application of their knowledge was integral to improving patient outcomes. Exploring the knowledge claims, strategies, and politics involved as academic nurses negotiated their roles and nursing's future, Dr. Nurse highlights how state-supported health centers have profoundly shaped nursing education and health care delivery. 


Cover ArtTaking Care by Sarah DiGregorio

Call Number: RT31 .D547 2023
ISBN: 9780063071285
Publication Date: 2023-05-02
"DiGregorio's storytelling is pitch-perfect; narrative and nursing, she understands, come from the same place and both are concerned with a deep understanding of character and plot....This is a brilliant book, and DiGregorio is a beautiful writer. Taking Care deserves to be on the reading list for nursing and medical schools, and on the bedside table of all politicians."--New York Times Book Review In this sweeping cultural history of nursing from the Stone Age to the present, the critically acclaimed author of Early pays homage to the profession and makes an urgent call for change. Nurses have always been vital to human existence. A nurse was likely there when you were born and a nurse might well be there when you die. Familiar in hospitals and doctors' offices, these dedicated health professionals can also be found in schools, prisons, and people's homes; at summer camps; on cruise ships, and even at NASA. Yet despite being celebrated during the Covid-19 epidemic, nurses are often undermined and undervalued in ways that reflect misogyny and racism, and that extend to their working conditions--and affect the care available to everyone. But the potential power of nursing to create a healthier, more just world endures. The story of nursing is complicated. It is woven into war, plague, religion, the economy, and our individual lives in myriad ways. In Taking Care, journalist Sarah DiGregorio chronicles the lives of nurses past and tells the stories of those today--caregivers at the vital intersection of health care and community who are actively changing the world, often invisibly. An absorbing and empathetic work that combines storytelling with nuanced reporting, Taking Care examines how we have always tried to care for each other--the incredible ways we have succeeded and the ways in which we have failed. Fascinating, empowering and significant, it is a call for change and a love letter to the nurses of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.



Cover ArtWellbeing Strategies for Nurses by Claire Boyd

Call Number: RT41 .B69 2023
ISBN: 9781119893554
Publication Date: 2023-03-13
Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses Practical strategies for combating burnout and improving mental health while working as a nurse Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses explores clear, straightforward, and practical techniques for cultivating resilience and positive mental health strategies in the face of a demanding clinical environment. This pocket-sized book is easy to carry during your clinical placement and offers tips, advice, and hard-won words of wisdom from student and qualified nurses to support you through a challenging, yet rewarding, career. You'll find stress-busting tools as well as exercises intended for long-term relief of stress incorporated throughout the book. Readers will also find: A thorough introduction to self-care and wellbeing for nurses, as well as discussions of stress and guided meditation practice exercises Comprehensive explorations of breathing, humor, and nature therapy Practical discussions of muscle relaxation and the importance of healthy foods and hydration Treatments of the sense of smell, aromatherapy, guided meditation, mindfulness, and the five senses approach to wellbeing.



Cover ArtClinical Companion to Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing by Debra Hagler; Mariann M. Harding; Jeffrey Kwong; Courtney Reinisch

Call Number: REF RT41 .M488 2023 Suppl.
ISBN: 9780323792431
Publication Date: 2022-10-11
Designed for portability, this Clinical Companion provides at-a-glance access to key information on more than 200 medical-surgical conditions and procedures. Completely updated content mirrors the revisions in the 12th edition of Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems. Organized alphabetically for quick reference, it includes a variety of full-color illustrations and summary tables, as well as a handy reference appendix with laboratory values, Spanish translations of key phrases, and other information commonly used in nursing practice. Part One: Disorders offers practical information in a consistent format: Definitions and Descriptions, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, Complications, Diagnostic Studies, Inter-professional Care and Drug Therapy, and Nursing Management. Treatments and Procedures section summarizes need-to-know content about common medical-surgical treatments and procedures such as basic life support, enteral nutrition, and artificial airway management. Patient and caregiver teaching content is highlighted with a special icon to identify appropriate information to share with patients and caregivers about the care of various conditions. Cross-references to the main text direct you to more in-depth information. Handy reference appendix contains information frequently used in nursing practice, including laboratory values, commonly used formulas, Spanish translations of key phrases, and much more. Attractive four-color design makes it quick and easy to locate specific information. Updated content reflects the revisions and updates in the Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing, 12th Edition text.



Cover ArtDigital Skills for Nursing Studies and Practice by Emma Gillaspy (Editor); Neil Withnell (Editor); Cristina M. Vasilica (Editor)

Call Number: RT50.5 .D54 2023
ISBN: 9781529791921
Publication Date: 2023-04-03
This practical book equips you with the digital capabilities you need for your nursing studies and career. Whether you are a digital native or less confident with technology, the book develops your ability to harness digital tools and opportunities to enhance your nursing practice. From using technology for better communication, collaboration and participation to honing your technical skills, the book instils the digital mindset you need as a 21st century nurse. Focuses on the capabilities specifically needed for the nursing role, using activities and case studies to highlight their application to practice. Covers topical issues such as digital wellbeing, online professionalism, data protection and more.



Cover ArtHealth and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives by Holly Blake (Editor); Gemma Stacey (Editor)

Call Number: RT67 .H43 2023
ISBN: 9780323880534
Publication Date: 2023-03-14
This important new book provides the first comprehensive compilation of strategies for promoting physical and mental wellbeing, specifically for nurses and midwives. Written by experts on workforce health and wellbeing in conjunction with the Florence Nightingale Foundation, the book emphasizes the importance supporting the wellbeing of self and others, even during times of extreme stress such during winter or when dealing with COVID-19. It covers multiple aspects of self-care, including how to tackle shift work, prevent dehydration and cope with moral injury and guilt - all illustrated with real-life case studies from nurses and midwives working at the coalface. Health and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives is suitable for students right through to Chief Nursing Officers and is applicable to readers from all countries. It is sure to stand the test of time as a trusted guide to this crucial aspect of the professional lives of nurses and midwives. Authentic case studies bring concepts to life Written in a conversational and accessible style - suitable for readers of all levels. Contributions from across the nursing and midwifery workforce speak directly to the nursing/midwifery experience Key recommendations for translating theory to practice. Reflective exercises used throughout to allow readers to engage deeply with the strategies and ideas. Edited by experts in their fields and based on evidence.



Cover ArtHow to Read and Critique Research by Helen Aveyard; Nancy Preston; Morag Farquhar

Call Number: RT81.5 .A9 2022
ISBN: 9781529732979
Publication Date: 2023-01-31
Do you find research challenging to read? Do you struggle to get to grips with a research paper? Understanding, critiquing and using research is a key requirement of students studying nursing and healthcare. This book will equip you with the skills you need to understand research and use it in your practice and academic assignments. The approach used in this book is unique: each chapter focuses on a published research paper - one you might be asked to read for a seminar or include in your academic work. In clear, straightforward language, the authors take you through each paper step by step, using it as a basis for exploring the underpinning research method or design, and how it has been reported. Key features: ·  Each chapter focuses on a different research method by working through a relevant research paper · Identifies the main skills you need for your course: understanding research methods and critiquing articles · Written specifically for nursing and healthcare students by experienced nursing and health care lecturers ·  Develops your confidence in understanding research by helping you to apply your knowledge to real research papers.



Cover ArtThe Nation of Nurses by Jalil A. Johnson

Call Number: RT82 .J64 2022
ISBN: 9780826152671
Publication Date: 2021-05-28
Inspires nurses to envision themselves as leaders, innovators, and agents of change Firmly grounded in the digital age, this unique and innovative book focuses on the challenges and opportunities for nurses in the 21st century. The author, one of nursing's fastest-rising influencers, focuses on the power dynamic between nurses and the healthcare system--which often impedes opportunities for nurses to manage and lead effectively--and offers contemporary solutions that help nurses to mobilize and completely revolutionize healthcare as we know it. Based on the author's extensive experience with digital and online trends, communities, and spaces, the book offers practical strategies whereby nurses can assert themselves within the healthcare and education systems to make positive change on institutional, regional, and national levels. Focusing on nurse self-advocacy, the book offers concrete strategies to ameliorate a top concern for nurses: a perceived lack of power and respect in the workplace. It features step-by-step processes for empowering and mobilizing nurses as change agents at a systemic level, demonstrates how nurses can alter cultural norms and perceptions of their profession, and illustrates how nurses can maximize their influence and impact on institutional and government policy. Woven throughout is the author's extraordinary personal story of rising from a Certified Nursing Assistant to CEO of the largest nurse-run online community. Key Features: Delivers contemporary strategies to help nurses powerfully assert themselves within the healthcare and education systems toward effecting positive change. Discusses how nurses can significantly impact healthcare on institutional, regional, and national levels. Addresses a top concern for nurses: a perceived lack of power and respect in the workplace. Accessibly written for all nurses with step-by-step instructions for implementing the book's concepts and strategies. Demonstrates how to use social media platforms to expand the influence of nurses in the healthcare system.



Cover ArtBe a Leader in Nursing by Heather Henry

Call Number: RT89 .H46 2023
ISBN: 9780702084393
Publication Date: 2022-07-18
Nursing leadership is now regarded as a core competency to improve clinical outcomes, and nurses need to develop leadership skills from the very start of their career. Be a Leader in Nursing provides a comprehensive, practical guide for nurses through their leadership journey. Written by practicing nurse leader Heather Henry, the book focuses on real-world application of leadership models at all levels - from the first moments of a student placement to effective management roles later in a nurse's career. The enjoyable and approachable text helps the reader to understand, recognize and practice leadership skills, making the book suitable for student nurses covering leadership as part of their curriculum as well as nurses already practicing in the system. It will also be invaluable to instructors teaching leadership skills to nursing students. Co-designed with current student nurses - contemporary and relevant content. Quotes and real case studies to connect principles with practice. Clear learning outcomes, practice activities and reflective practice to support learning.